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12180_11_27_2015_1.gifParis attacks
A.o.A Ed,
Paris attacks have been condemned globally. While it is indeed a very tragic incident, we need to see things from the other side’s perspective, too. Last year, when innocent students our age got killed brutally in Peshawar attack just because our Army is fighting America’s War on Terror, no one was quite as much concerned. Thousands of Palestinians are being killed because they are Muslims. The terrorists Paris is talking about are the ones that they let into the Middle-East! The story that our media displays is-one sided. ....

12181_11_27_2015_1.gifTribute to
Ishtiaq Ahmed

Ishtiaq Ahmad was primarily a fiction writer from Lahore, famous for his spy, detective novels in Urdu language, and was the author of around 800 novels. He started by writing short stories for children and then wrote his first novel in 1973. He was at his peak of popularity from ‘70s to ‘90s due to his Inspector Jamshed series, Inspector Kamran Mirza series and Shoki series. ....

For the love of reading
12182_11_27_2015_1.gifBook: The Book Thief

Reviewed by: Madiha Akhtar

There are two types of fiction; one where you read through the pages and are lost in a story that keeps you hooked till you reach the last page of the novel, and then there is the second kind of fiction which keeps haunting your mind even after finishing the book. Books are a source of happiness in a depressing world and reading encourages you to think beyond the existing world. ‘The Book Thief’ falls in the latter category. ....

Oh wonder!
By Ramiz Ranjha
12183_11_27_2015_1.gifThe summer winds had died a long while ago. The breeze that blew was harsh and cold. The sky was clear but fog had dissolved the city suburbs in itself, like a carpet covering dirt from view. He stood on the high rooftop above the cover of fog, a forlorn shadow. The cold didn’t seem to bother him at all. His eyes were fixed on the stars but his mind was wandering....

The fog surrounded her and she couldn’t see anything beyond three. The steam from her coffee cup mixed with the cold vapours and disappeared in the mist. But she didn’t need to see in front of her. ....

Nabeel Shaukat Ali - the new voice
By Bassama Tanvir
12184_11_27_2015_1.gifStar and date of birth...
29th August - Virgo.

The best thing about being a teenager...
Innocence and cuteness! I am the youngest in my family, so I enjoyed my teenage. The most important thing about teenage is enjoying the freedom you get from your family. I was a very naughty kid and still am. ....

Rhyme ‘n’ Reason
Bad verse traditionally characterized by clichés, clumsiness, and irregular meter. It is often unintentionally humorous. The “giftedly bad” William McGonagall was an accomplished doggerelist, as demonstrated in “The Tay Bridge Disaster”.

It must have been an awful sight,

To witness in the dusky moonlight, ....

Our rising stars
By Maria Shirazi
12186_11_27_2015_1.gifWe are blessed with talented young people in every imaginable field. We do lag in sports, somewhat, but only because the raw talent we have is not being utilized by the concerned authorities. We often read about our high achievers in academics, setting one world record after another, but as far as sports are concerned, we hardly ever get to hear of any young players in various fields making us proud. The list narrows further if we single out female sportspersons. Few female players who have achieved prominence are Rubab Raza, Shabana Akhtar, Kiran Khan, Rabia Qadir, Carla Khan, Sana Mir, Kiran Baloch, Ghalia Mohsin and of course Naseem Hameed who became the fastest woman of Asia, in 2010. ....

Should children be on Facebook?
12187_11_27_2015_1.gifThe world today is consistently evolving at a breakneck speed. New innovations and inventions have revolutionised how we communicate and interact with each other. Most of us now have a digital identity that goes hand in hand with our true selves, especially on social platforms such as Facebook. Today we can interact with people across the world with the touch of a button from the comforts of our very home. It may be truly a boon, but is it suitable for say a 10 year old child to be exposed to such an open, unprotected environment? Is it really okay to have our children wandering unguided in digital space before they even learn the mechanisms to handle real world social interactions? ....

By Sameen Amer
12188_11_27_2015_1.gifComing Soon
Out this week:

* Albums
White Light by The Corrs: Comeback album by the Irish siblings, their sixth record overall and first new release in a decade following Home (2005); includes the single ‘Bring on the Night’. ....

My mom is so depressed

Dear Guru,
I am a 21-year-old girl. I did my graduation last year and have recently started working as junior executive in a private firm. My father passed away two years ago and I live with my mom. We have our own house. After my father’s death, we gave the upper portion of the house on rent. My mother runs the house from my father’s pension plus rent money, so as such there is no financial problem and we are living comfortably. ....

12190_11_27_2015_1.gifJimmy has the answer to every question

One day Jimmy got home early from school and his mom asked, “Why are you home so early?”

He answered, “Because I was the only one that answered a question in my class.” She said, “Wow, my son is a genius! What was the question?” Jimmy replied, “The question was: who threw the trash can at the principal’s head?” ....

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