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10489_3_27_2015_1.gifDear readers,
Hope you all are up to something interesting and constructive! This time, making it more challenging, we have decided to test your creative writing skills by holding a picture-story-writing competition. We hope to get great stories from you all, and would be delighted to see some light stuff for a change!

Now for the word count! For one page stories, the word count is 550 to 650 words. Go for 1100 words if you are sending a two-pager. ....

Celebs with learning disorders
10490_3_27_2015_1.gifDaniel Radcliffe (Dyspraxia)
Most notable for his role as Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has lived with a mild case of dyspraxia for his entire life. Dyspraxia is a common neurological disorder that affects motor skill development, meaning that at 25 years old and the star of one of the largest franchises in movie history, Radcliffe still has trouble tying his shoelaces. ....

By Maryam Afzal
Illustrations by Amna Qadir

It’s my eleventh birthday today. Empty house is mocking me ... echoes of my own voice to greet me. I don’t even remember how many years I’ve been celebrating my birthdays like this, without parents, but I do remember this wasn’t the case two years back when I had an aunt to take care of me as a child. ....

FOLD On The Web
By Sameen Amer
10492_3_27_2015_1.gifOrigami Club
Origami Club is a website dedicated to the art of folding paper into intriguing objects and shapes. You can learn how to create origami figures by looking at (printable) diagrams and following the step by step instructions that are illustrated and described therein. Not only can you view the figures, but you can also see animated sequences that show you exactly how the shapes are folded. ....

Famous poets - where they rest in peace
Rudyard Kipling is buried in ‘Poets’ Corner’, Westminster Abbey, London, England. He lies next to Charles Dickens. Alfred (Lord) Tennyson is buried in also buried there.

Elizabeth Barrett-Browning is buried in the English cemetery in Piazzale Donatello, Florence, Italy, Europe.

Emily Brontë is buried in St. Michael and All Angels’ Church, Haworth, Yorkshire, England. ....

Gossiping - harmless fun?
By Adin Zaffar
10494_3_27_2015_1.gifHe is tall, lanky, and overbearingly snotty. His abnormally spidery fingers would go into a convulsion every time he got excited, which was often, and his face would contort into a mad grin that can put The Joker’s trademark grin to shame. The creators of Batman would have immediately cast him as The Joker if they knew of his existence. He is popularly known in school as A.T.Zee, and is considered the Chief of Staff in the gossip kingdom, a title awarded purely on merit; a child prodigy to attain such a high post at the age of roughly 18. He is in A-levels at the prestigious Furries International School. Indeed, he has worked hard to earn this position. ....

Proud of supporting Team Green
By Faraz Muhammad
10495_3_27_2015_1.gifLiving in the United States and be a cricket enthusiastic can be challenging. In addition to this, being a Pakistani cricket fan can be especially difficult, to say the least. The American public in general has no interest in cricket, or for that matter, any non-American centric sport. Therefore, it’s hard to feel the same sense of camaraderie and excitement on match day as one might feel back home in Pakistan. Yet, I almost get the same amount of joy from a win while watching cricket with Pakistani fans, that I used to with my loved ones in Karachi. Though there are many challenges and additional pitfalls for the Pakistani cricket fans in the United States. ....

Guilt pangs
By Tahreem Rasul
10496_3_27_2015_1.gifAs I looked at myself in the mirror yet again, Gwendoline, who was already mad at me became furious. “Are you going to some party?”

“Oh, come on,” I said: “Am I doing party make-up?”

I could judge from her expression that I had made my cousin’s angry. “What is your problem, Jane? Somebody has died and just look how you are behaving!” ....

By Sameen Amer
10497_3_27_2015_1.gifComing Soon
Out this week:

* Albums
The Day Is My Enemy by The Prodigy: The electronic music group’s sixth album; comes after World’s on Fire (2011); led by the singles ‘Nasty’ and ‘Wild Frontier’. ....

I don’t want to marry early

Salaam Guru,
I am a 24-year-old girl from Lahore. I have finished my studies and now I am enjoying life. I belong to a well-off family. My father is a businessman. I have three elder brothers. They all are married and their wives are also nice. We all live in a joint family. Being the only daughter/sister, I am the ‘darling’ of my family and every one loves me. Guru, I am getting many proposals, but I don’t want to get married at the moment. I still feel like a teenager and I also look very young. ....

10499_3_27_2015_1.gifDon’t mess with the native!

The banker pulled out the loan application.
“What are you going to do with the money?” he asks the native.
“Buy silver, make jewelry, and sell it,” was the response.
“What have you got for collateral?” ....

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