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Dear Editor,
I guess I am a bit late, but I would like to appreciate ‘It’s the month of redemption – make it count’ by Fatima Niazi in the issue of June 19. It was good to read a balanced cover story that covered multiple aspects of fasting. Along with prayers, we need to work on our relationship with family and friends and refrain from doing stuff that can hurt or harm others. I also liked Usama Rasheed’s article ‘The king is dethroned’ in the same issue. ....

11167_7_3_2015_1.gifAgents of change

It’s not necessary to do big things to bring about the much touted ‘change’. In our own small ways, we can all contribute, if we have the will to do so. The recent initiative by Sameer Shehzad Salim, Nireen Shehzad Salim, Zarak Quraishi, and Saif Quraishi is a case in point. Family members and friends, these young people are very patriotic and have the zeal to improve the life of underprivileged children. While doing internship in The TCF Schools and Gizri School, they realized that the children of these schools do not have well-equipped libraries. ....

Bullies are cowards
By Mahad Nadeem Janjua
11168_7_3_2015_1.gifYou’re not the finest of football players in the street you go out to play every evening. You’re laughed at, mocked and jeered at. You’re not very good at speaking English in the posh, modern school you attend? You’re labeled and made fun of. God didn’t gift you the physical normalcy like other ordinary individuals? You’re kicked, cursed and taunted for your physical inabilities and shortcomings.

Do you feel internally shattered? Yes. Are you being bullied? Yes... ....

11169_7_3_2015_1.gif“Ammi, I want to buy flowers for my sports teacher. I love her so much,” pleaded my six-year-old daughter, as I opened the car door for her. I told her that it wasn’t possible early in the morning, but she could take flowers for her teacher the next day.

“How things have changed!” I thought to myself. I took a trip down memory lane to my school days and recalled how much I hated my school. Going to school was like a torture to me. Not because I was lazy or didn’t want to study, but it was the fear of two teachers who exulted in humiliating students they disliked, including me, of course! ....

Student Unions - should they be revived?
By Neelum Afridi
11170_7_3_2015_1.gifOn 9 February1984, a ban was slapped on student unions in colleges and universities across Pakistan, through a Martial Law order issued by the military dictator President General Zia-ul-Haq. The reason cited for imposing the ban was violence on university campuses perpetrated by the student wings of political parties. It’s ironic that the reign of terror of the student wings of the national political parties continues unabated on campuses, but the ‘unions’ have been banned. In 1988, Benazir Bhutto lifted the ban on student unions and elections were held in 1989, but that was just a one-off thing. ....

11171_7_3_2015_1.gifFaster Internet - engineers
break power and distance barrier
Electrical engineer have successfully broken the key barriers that limit the distance information can travel in fibre optic cables. Releasers at the University of California in San Diego have increased the maximum power at which optical signals can be sent through an optical fibre cable. Optical fibre uses light in order to transmit data signals. Electrical engineers have broken key barriers that limit the distance information can travel in fibre optic cables and still be accurately deciphered by a receiver. ....

Finding common ground
11172_7_3_2015_1.gif“We are in a state of ecstasy right now!” says Devang Shah, Director of the Nagpur International Model United Nations, upon completion of the recent and unprecedented academic conference.

Eight student delegates from Pakistan and nineteen from India, including Jammu and Kashmir, attended the Model United Nations conference in Nagpur, Maharashtra’s second capital. The historic conference involved student delegates from Pakistan and India, as well as Kashmir, actually sitting together and working towards a resolution for the restoration of peace and economic development in Kashmir. ....

11173_7_3_2015_1.gifFun things to do on the first day of class!
This is for entertainment only. We do not advise that you do any of these things on the first day of class or for that matter, on any day of class.

. Wear earmuffs. Every few minutes, ask the professor to speak louder.
. Leave permanent markers by the dry-erase board. ....

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