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10055_1_30_2015_1.gifFirst timers’ corner
Dear Ed,
I’ll really appreciate if you consider my piece of writing worthy enough to get published in your magazine. If not, then it’s still very cool as I love reading Us. I have been reading Us for years, though this is the first time that I have decided to write.

Whatever your answer is, I’ll be glad to have a reply, and I also welcome criticism of any sorts on my writing. ....

10056_1_30_2015_1.gifOn gossip and rumours:
The biggest liar in the world is ‘They Say’. ~Douglas Malloch
Who brings a tale takes two away. ~Irish Proverb
A rumor without a leg to stand on will get around some other way. ~John Tudor
It isn’t what they say about you, it’s what they whisper. ~Errol Flynn ....

All you need is ... happiness
By Zunair Zaheer
10057_1_30_2015_1.gifWoken by the sun shining in his eyes, Ahmed got up for what would be another gruelling day. He was a balloon-seller, who spent day after day trying to make both ends meet. The adversities of life could be seen on his scarred and wrinkled face. He was still a young man in his early thirties, but his scrawny body and lack of energy said otherwise. Had he been alone, much of his anxiety would have been limited to his own soul, but he also had a wife and a son to take care of. Time had always been cruel to him, and he found no solace in anything. The spark in his eyes and his gleaming face had long been lost. He only earned about a hundred rupees per day. ....

The R-factor Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
By Fahad Rasheed
10058_1_30_2015_1.gifThe world we live in has always dealt with us the way we have treated it. We removed forests and trees; it slashed our basic supply of oxygen. We used sub-standard materials, emitted toxic chemicals into the atmosphere and played havoc with our habitat; it penalized us with drastic climatic changes and natural disasters. It is high time we realize that we can only make this world a better place for us to live if we turn it into an ‘endurable’ terrain.

The need of the hour is to conserve our natural resources. There are a multitude of things that can be re-cycled and re-used, but most of us don’t know how. ....

‘Forgot’ Alam
By Nabeel Naqvi
10059_1_30_2015_1.gifThe Cricket World Cup is right around the corner. The squads have been announced and as expected one-hit wonders have been given preference over consistent performers.

Player power and politics have perhaps played their role again. Some bright performers from last year were totally overlooked. One might wonder what a player must do in order to get a call for the national team. You don’t have to be a cricket pundit to know that Pakistan cricket team is traditionally weak in the batting department. In such a scenario, a batsman who can stay on the pitch for some time and nudge a few ones and twos can be of real use. ....

By Rabindranath Tagore
Mystic vibes
Last curtain

I know that the day will come
when my sight of this earth shall be lost,
and life will take its leave in silence,
drawing the last curtain over my eyes. ....

Study & Research
By Waqas Hassan Sharif
10061_1_30_2015_1.gifSpinal Cord implants
can make paralyzed people walk
Doctors and medical researchers are working on a number of techniques to develop new devices that can enable paralysed people to walk on their own. The major hurdle researchers face is that most of the devices are too stiff and rigid to implant in the complex spinal region of the human body. Most of the implants ended up damaging the spinal cord, as they were stiff and unnatural. Swiss scientists have developed new E-Dura implants, made up of flexible electrodes. ....

Facebooking has killed it
By Qurat-ul-Ain Butt
Unstoppable giggles and chuckles were coming from the TV lounge. It seemed as if everyone had just escaped the prison. The whole gang of my cousins had re-united after a long time, and we were having never-ending gossips and were imitating singers like crazy. Suddenly, one of them came from another room, shouting and screaming at the top of his lungs, “Why the hell on earth did you tag me in this check-in?”

“Don’t you know I lied to my boss about being here? You have put my job at stake. I have to go back NOW!” ....

By Sameen Amer
10063_1_30_2015_1.gifComing Soon
Out this week:

* Albums
Shadows in the Night by Bob Dylan: Covers album by the American singer; consists of his renditions of traditional pop standards made famous by Frank Sinatra, including ‘I’m a Fool to Want You’, ‘Some Enchanted Evening’, and ‘That Lucky Old Sun’. ....

Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Dear Guru,
I am a 25-year-old man. I am happily married. I got married last year to the love of my life. I have done MBA, whereas, my wife is a graduate. I work in a bank and my beautiful wife stays at home, as she does not need to work. There are no financial issues but there are family issues, which are very difficult for me to handle. Actually, I live with my parents and I am very close to my mom. She loves me a lot. She supported me in my marriage decision, so I really respect her. ....

10065_1_30_2015_1.gifOrders are orders
A private just out of training is assigned to guard the main gate. He is ordered to allow no one through, unless they have the password. A vehicle with a three-star flag rolls up. The private stops the vehicle and asks the driver for the password. The driver doesn’t know the password. The private salutes the general and asks for the password. The general doesn’t know it either. The private says, “I have my orders. I can’t let you through without the password.” The general replies, “Son, I’m the commander of this base, and a three-star general. ....

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