Jirga seeks reversal of Fata-KP merger

Our Correspondent
Monday, Oct 04, 2021

JAMRUD: A jirga on Sunday asked the government to reverse the merger of the ex-Fata with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The jirga was held at the residence of Malik Bismillah Khan Afridi in Shahkas area in Jamrud.

A large number of elders from the tribal districts participated in the event.

Addressing the jirga, Bismillah Khan said, “We demand the government to repeal the Fata-KP merger and restore the tribal system as the integration was carried out by force and the tribal people were not consulted.”

Brigadier (Retd) Syed Nazir believed the merger multiplied the problems of the tribal people.

“Fata was integrated into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under a foreign agenda, which was imposed on the tribal people without considering the consequences,” he said.

He said the tribal people were against the integration of ex-Fata into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, asking the government to reconsider the decision.

Malik Abdul Raziq Afridi, Malik Mohammad Essa, Malik Shaheen, Malik Akbar, Malik Sher Mohammad, Rahat Afridi, Malik Naib Khan, Malik Yar Mohammad, Malik Khalid Afridi, Musa Khan, Malik Mastan Akbar, Malik Raqib Gul, Malik Jaffar and others attended the Jirga.