Policy of revenge

Thursday, Jun 23, 2022

Some old video clips from 2019 are doing the rounds where renowned economist Dr Ashfaq Hassan can be seen expressing that former FM Ishaq Dar laid down ‘financial landmines’ by parking money and deficits in different buckets and concealing it for the next government to stumble upon them and get in trouble while dealing with them. Today, many economists believe that upon sensing its premature departure, the PTI government did the same and laid down ‘financial landmines’, including the freezing of petrol prices. This subsidy had to be lifted by the current government which then faced, and is still facing, the wrath of the people.

It is disappointing to see that in an attempt to hurt the next government, our leaders do not consider that their ‘tactics’ will increase the hardships of ordinary people. Regime change through votes happens everywhere in the world. This is the essence of democracy. The decency to uphold national interests to ensure people’s wellbeing should be the top priority of every leadership coming to power – or leaving the power corridors. The purpose of being in government should be to serve people, not hurt them by adopting unsustainable policies.

Anas A Khan

Edmonton, Canada