Pro-people policies

Thursday, Jun 23, 2022

Petrol prices have reached an all-time high of Rs234 per litre. This hike has a direct effect on production costs of various essential products, resulting in an increase in prices of commodities and utilities. Government representatives are urging the people to take full responsibility and reduce their expenditure. Why should we suffer the consequences of our government’s wrong policies? Such decisions by the government are likely to push the people years back as their standard of living will deteriorate. It is also true that these policies will have the most effect on the middle class and poor. The upper class and the political elite will remain unaffected. Many people fear that this economic situation will give birth to more social problems, resulting in a rise in crime.

All of our leaders lead luxurious lives, and they should not underestimate the power of ordinary people. If they take to the streets, it will be more dangerous for the country. The government needs to take people-friendly decisions to ensure that its efforts of stabilizing the economy are not hurting the ruled.

Aijaz Ali Arisar