Asad Umar admits ISI DG told NSC he ‘sees no conspiracy’

News Desk
Thursday, Jun 23, 2022

LAHORE: PTI Secretary-General Asad Umar said Wednesday that the ISI DG had told the NSC meeting he did not see a conspiracy against the government. He, however, said the DG did not produce any document in the meeting to support his claim, adding that it was all verbal.

Talking in a TV show, Asad responded to a question about ISPR chief’s presser denying a conspiracy, saying the army spokesman had only said the JCSC and all services chiefs were present in the meeting and he did not say what their opinion was.

Secondly, he said the ISPR chief had said the ISI DG told the meeting he did not see a conspiracy and it was true that he had said said that. But, he said, he did not present in the NSC meeting any detailed report or document to corroborate his finding. He said there had been no document other than cipher presented in the meeting. Asad Umar also said that the DG ISPR had never claimed that all the services chiefs also did not see any conspiracy.