Afghan refugees storm into Red Zone

Our crime correspondent
Thursday, Jun 23, 2022

Islamabad: The Islamabad Capital Police Wednesday said that it thwarted an attempt of Afghan refugees to enter the Red Zone and pushed them back.

The police spokesperson said that no protest is allowed in the area due to imposition of section 144. He told that Afghan refugees suddenly tried to enter the Red Zone area and as a result, the law enforcing agencies took action and asked the protestors to vacate the area.

The police said that the protestors scuffle with the police. However, the police peacefully took them from the Red Zone and shifted them to the press club. He added that stern legal action is being taken against the people who incited the protestors and tried to disrupt the law and order situation.

The federal police said that the directives of Supreme Court of Pakistan and the high court regarding the protests in the Red Zone would be strictly implemented and no one would be allowed to hold rally or protest in this area. He added that in this regard, they would also contact the office of Afghan Commissioner.

The police said that two days ago, they had started registration of Afghan refugees and these people were not cooperating with the police to avoid their registration and to hide their identification, they were not providing their documents.

The spokesperson said that they took this action to avoid any untoward situation and stop any miscreant who could take advantage of this situation. He also appealed the residents to keep a vigil eye on their surroundings and immediately inform the police if they notice any suspected activity.