Steps to curb overcharging: Grading of commodities on Qeemat App ordered

Our Correspondent
Thursday, Jun 23, 2022

LAHORE:Commissioner Lahore Captain (Retd) Muhammad Usman has instructed the grading of perishable item to protect consumers from over price.

He said that details regarding grading reasons, price and quality of each item must be provided on the Qeemat App and all the grading should be clearly written on the issued written price list daily. An important meeting was held under the chairmanship of Commissioner Lahore regarding protection of consumers on the basis of technology.

The meeting was attended by Additional Commissioner Sundus Irshad, ADCG Dr Mujtaba Bharwana, Syed Amir Hussain Agri Marketing, Shehzad Cheema Secretary Market Committee, Industries, PITB and other officials.

In every market, more facilities should be given to the farmers to sell their produce directly, he added. Commissioner said that all DCs would upload daily price list on their official Twitter accounts.

He said that the grading details on Qeemat App would prevent the shopkeeper from messing up the grading and citizens would have an idea of the cost of grading of 1st, 2nd and third class commodities.

Commissioner said that every price magistrate and citizen could determine the price of items with new app technology because grading was being done on the basis of size, weight and quality. He instructed the PITB to make software for issuing daily bulletins on availability and non-availability of commodities at district level. He ordered that quality must be included with weight and size standards for grading of food items. He said that the market committees should publicise for citizens about the availability and non-availability and other arrangements of goods in rainy days. Commissioner also issued instructions to hold trainings for all Price Control Magistrates for price control.

He said that the facility of fair price shop / wholesale shop should be advertised in every market for the consumer. He was informed in the briefing that daily grading of potatoes, apples, tomatoes, bananas and onions was done under the supervision of the market committees.

Model Bazaar: Chief WTO cell Department of Industry and Commerce Nazia Jabeen visited China Scheme Model Bazaar and reviewed prices of essential commodities and facilities being provided to consumers. She also inspected the recreational facilities in joy land attached with model Bazaar.

She directed improving the mechanism of grievance cell in Model Bazaar and said that construction of canteen and play land area should be considered here. She said that setting up of Model Bazaars is such a welfare initiative of the government which is benefiting thousands of people daily. While steps are being taken to further improve the facilities in the model bazaars. Nazia Jabeen asked people about the facilities being offered to buyers there. Consumers expressed satisfaction and said that the supply of quality goods at affordable prices had been ensured in the bazaar.