Rainwater leakage from new PA hall’s ceiling angers opposition lawmakers

Our Correspondent
Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022

The leakage of rainwater from the ceiling of the Sindh Assembly’s hall amid a monsoon downpour on Tuesday infuriated legislators on the opposition benches during a session.

The proceedings of the session were marred as the opposition MPAs raised the issue in the new building of the provincial legislature. Acting Speaker Rehana Laghari, while chairing the session, tried to pacify the irate opposition legislators but to no avail. The deputy speaker tried to persuade them to maintain order in the house and assured them that she was going to ask the secretary of the assembly to look into the issue.

She urged the protesting legislators to maintain decorum in the house while assuring them that the ceiling of the hall wouldn’t fall on them. The opposition lawmakers were of the view that a couple of years had passed since the inauguration of the new building, but in no way was the quality of its construction work so compromised that leakage started from its ceiling after a spell of mild monsoon rain. They said that a budget of billions of rupees had been spent to construct the new Sindh Assembly building, and its construction and building material should be of top quality.