Plan finalised to restructure ICT Police Stations

Shakeel Anjum
Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022

Islamabad: The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police bosses have decided to revamp the existing jurisdictions of the police stations and it is believed that the move would lead to an increase in the number of police stations in the federal capital as well.

It has been learned through reliable sources in the ICT Police that the existing jurisdictions of police stations are being reviewed keeping in view the area, the population, demography, crime rates, and the nature of crimes.

“The decision would help triumph over the street crime incidents in the crime generating areas of Islamabad,” the sources maintained.It is expected that some of the existing Police Stations would be merged, especially in the urban ‘sectoral areas’ while in the rural areas the Police Stations which have large mass of area under their jurisdiction would be divided and at least three new Police Stations could be established.

This creation of new Police Stations would, on one hand, would lead to better, effective, and efficient policing on one hand while on the other it would also create a considerable number of jobs, enhancing the manpower of ICT Police.

“The jurisdiction of almost every police station has been reviewed to readjust their areas,” the sources defined, adding that the jurisdiction of every police station will be redesigned according to the population and areas.

“The authorities have decided to bifurcate Tarnol Police Station into two parts as Tarnol and Sangjani police stations,” the sources said. Koral police station would also be divided into two fractions and redesigned by merging in the eastern part of Loi Bher police station which is located on both sides of the Expressway, would be merged in Koral, the sources maintained.

While Karachi Company Police Station will be included in Shalimar Police Station, they added. “Maira Badi will be divided into two parts joining one faction with Golra Police Station. While, E-11 will be deducted from Golra police station and added in Ramna,” the sources disclosed adding that Khanna Police Station would also be separated into two parts, one part will merge in Koral and the remaining part will remain its jurisdiction. According to the plan, Noon Police Station will join Tarnol.

The position of Shahzad Town, Banni Gala, Aabpara, Secretariat, and Kohsar have not yet been redesigned, probably, those police stations would keep their previous jurisdictions, the sources added. The Rawat, the fast-moving police station would not drastically alter but minor changes would be reviewed if required, they maintained.

In the past, the Islamabad Police had tried the experience of establishing ‘Police Chowkis’ or one may say, ‘Sub Police Stations’ within the jurisdiction of a Police Station where the population has increased as well as the ratio of crime. But the experience of setting up Police Chawkis failed to provide the expected results of policing.

Later those ‘police chowkis’ were turned into full ‘police stations’. But that was quite a long time ago and since that move many decades ago, not only has the population in the urban sectors as well as in the rural area of ICT has considerably increased if not doubled.

Also considering the nature of the boundaries of the Federal Capital Territory it is necessary to create more police stations, especially on the fringes from where the inter-provincial movement of traffic and public is heavy and frequent.

The ICT Police sources said that once a comprehensive draft of the proposal will be ready, it would be sent to the Federal Interior Ministry for its approval.Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad, Dr. Akbar Nasir, when contacted, confirmed the report, saying, “The redesigning and restructuring of the ICT Police Station was brain-child of Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah to distribute the jurisdiction of police stations keeping in view of the populations as well as the growth of crimes,” adding that the ICT police designed the structural alteration of police stations following the directions of the Interior Minister. The structural changes of police stations would not affect Union Councils of the Federal Capital, the IGP concluded.