Asthma is a curable disease: experts

Friday, Aug 05, 2022

Speakers at a seminar held in Rawalpindi on “Asthma, symptoms and treatment” laid emphasis on spreading awareness among the general public about the disease and ensure the patient that Asthma is a curable disease.

The seminar was organised by Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Memorial Society (Jang Group of Newspapers) and Highnoon Laboratories in connection with “World Asthma Week”.Medical experts stressed on the correct treatment of Asthma - a lungs inflammation disease.

Pakistan Chest Society General Secretary Dr Nauman Bashir said that the aim of the seminar was to find solutions to the questions raised about its treatment.The first step in treating asthma is a diagnosis. The patient should be told that this can be controlled with regular treatment.

Major-General (Retd) Badshah Hussain Zaidi said, “What we need to do is how we can improve treatment, how you treat it in the next 10 years. The purpose of bringing everyone together here is to develop strategies and find solutions to problems that may arise during treatment.”

“It is a big problem that these inhalers are expensive. The patient asks for relief from the medicine of Rs50. In the villages, the doctor gives this medicine, but it makes the disease worse. It cannot be done.” We have to make the patient aware that this is a long-term treatment.

He said that now the prices of medicines have reduced.Badshah Zaidi said that some patients feel severe problem in breathing so they need nebulizer. He said that now many devices have come for this treatment, which has made the treatment even easier.” Nebulizers are necessary for those who cannot hold their breath for 15 seconds. He said that we also have a community that considers vaccination as a cure. We have to treat the patient. The doctor has to listen to him.”

Dr Sajid Hameed said “till today we could not prepare any manual regarding its treatment, we also have to look at the social and economic situation of the patient in its treatment.”

Brigadier (Retd) Jamal Ahmad said, “Asthma is the name of inflammation in the respiratory tract. It is not enough to give medicine in asthma. The most important thing is to tell the patient how to use these inhalers correctly and it is important for the patient to use them in front of him.” For this, it is important to give patients awareness. Dr Junaid asked on this occasion that, is it necessary to tell the patient about the diet? Major Jazal said, “A patient of asthma should avoid taking rice, milk and cold water.

“Drinking milk causes phlegm. The next generation will have to do a lot of work in this regard. Brigadier (R) Naseer said, “We have to tell the right way to use these inhalers. Pets should not be kept in the house. Noman Bashir said that the Chest Society is preparing a consensus manual for treatment and the media also has to play its role in this regard. Not to show political debates and programmes about health awareness also has to be done”.

Wasif Nagi, senior editor of Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Memorial Society (Jang Group of Newspapers), highlighted the role of the Society in spreading awareness about the symptoms and treatment of Asthma among the general public.

Major Atif thanked the guests and the medical experts who participated in the event.Qaiser Rashid Janjua, General Manager of laboratories, the founder, finally highlighted the role of Highnoon Laboratories and thanked the participants. — Hira Batool Shah