Robber barons

Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022

This letter refers to the editorial ‘Opportunistic politics’ (August 8, 2022). The editorial does an excellent job of outlining the conduct of the politicians operating under the PDM banner as well as that of the PTI, a party led by a supposed messiah gone haywire. Neither of the two groups seems to have any concern for the suffering of the people, more and more of whom are falling below the poverty line with each passing day. The top priority of the federal government seems to be to defang the accountability process, finish off corruption cases against the top leadership, paving the way for their return from exile, and to siphon off another big slice from the loans that the country is expected to receive in the near future. There is already talk of reviving the laptops scheme and scooties for working women, which could further endow the pockets of the fat cats.

S R H Hashmi