Conspiracy in the works to pit PTI against army, claims Imran

News Desk
Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan claimed on Wednesday a conspiracy was in the works to pit his party against the army, as he said if Shahbaz Gill – his chief of staff arrested a day earlier for “inciting public against state institutions”— had done something illegal he should have been allowed to clarify his position in the court of law.

Addressing his supporters via a video link here, the ex-premier once again claimed his government was toppled through a foreign conspiracy. He said those who were themselves part of the “foreign conspiracy” were now hatching conspiracy to weaken the PTI. He accused the coalition government of “conspiring against the biggest party of Pakistan”. “They [government] had issues with the fact that the army and the PTI were on the same page. Even India used to acknowledge that,” said Khan.

The PTI leader said his party exposed disinformation campaigns against the country. “The EU DisinfoLab exposed how India had been plotting against Pakistan, and those in the current government were also part of the disinformation campaign against the country,” he alleged.

About the prohibited funding case, the PTI chairperson said there was no truth in the claims of foreign funding, adding his party presented everything to the election commission.

He said the PTI had audit reports. Khan said his opponents wanted his character assassination and to trap him in a case.