By the book

Sunday, Oct 10, 2021

This refers to the editorial ‘Controversial law’ (October 9). It is mandatory for the government to discuss the nominees for the post of the chairman of NAB with the leader of the opposition. But the government refuses to do so because Shehbaz Sharif is facing NAB cases. This argument is weak as the prime minister has already written letters to the leader of the opposition on the nomination of two members of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The government has violated the mandatory provision of consultation with the opposition leader and has deliberately delayed the process.

How can one expect justice in a country where controversial laws are made? Unfortunately, it seems that our justice system revolves around selective accountability and institutional distinction. The present system of accountability has come under sharp criticism not only by members of the opposition but from all segments of society. We have made it a routine to run affairs of the country through ordinances, making parliament dysfunctional. People are fed up with never-ending confrontations between the government and the opposition. This should now come to an end as such problems only serve to destabilise the country, especially now when the region is already in a flux.

Mukhtar Ahmed