Rizwan ready to play any role for team

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Oct 10, 2021

LAHORE: Wicket-keeper batter Mohammad Rizwan has made it clear that he doesn’t care about the role in the national team and will contribute where and when the team needs him.

Talking to journalists in a virtual conference, Rizwan said he is ready to move his batting number if the team requires it. He further stated that Pakistan’s match against India should be taken as a normal encounter. “I am ready to move wherever the team wants me to. Even, I am ready to play as an off-spinner, fast bowler, or just a fielder. I always want to contribute to the team when and where needed,” Rizwan said when asked about openers being dropped down the order due to him.

While talking about playing the first ICC event for Pakistan, Rizwan said he is excited and mentally prepared to take up the challenge. “See, even when you play club cricket, you get yourself completely ready for it. So, it is World Cup, now the preparations will be of a high standard,” he said.

“No matter who we play, there is pressure, we will take the match against India as normal. We will play the match just like we play against other teams,” he added.

He said that it would not be good if they dominated the match against India. “we have to play normally, the discussions of Pak-India match are on social media or media.’

“Sarfraz bhai and Azam Khan are the same for me, one is senior and the other is junior,” he added.

“We have had to play in difficult conditions in the UAE, but we have played well not only there but all over the world,” he said.

“Our team is balanced, now all the players in the world have the experience to play in the UAE, so we have to play well in every match,” he said.