Woman stabbed over identifying burglars

Our Correspondent
Saturday, Aug 27, 2022

LAHORE:An elderly woman was stabbed and subjected to severe torture when she recognised the suspects barging into her house in Gulshan-e-Ravi on Friday.

The victim reportedly was inside her house when the unidentified suspects barged into the house. She identified the suspects during their looting spree. This annoyed the suspects. They tied her up, tortured her with knife and went away with valuables worth hundreds of thousands of rupees.

SP Iqbal Town Ammara Sherazi said that police had registered a case. In another case reported in Sabzazar, a victim was stabbed and injured by a suspected robber. The victim Qaiser was intercepted by the suspects. When he offered resistance, the suspects attacked him with knife leaving him injured.

ARRESTED: Two suspects were arrested for torturing a child for leaving the job in Sabzazar on Friday. Reportedly, the suspects identified as Asif Butt and Daud had employed a minor boy at their shop. He had left the job that had frustrated his employers. The suspects were so annoyed that they subjected him to severe torture. Police after taking cognizance of the matter arrested the suspects and registered a case against them.

Meanwhile, a suspect was arrested for firing in Shafiqabad on Friday. The arrested suspect identified as Shan was habitual of intimidating public through firing in the air. Police on Friday arrested the suspect, recovered the illegal weapon from his custody.

KITE SMUGGLER ARRESTED: Nawankot police arrested a suspect involved in smuggling kites from Haripur Hazara. The arrested suspect was identified as Zeeshan alias Sunny. Police also recovered more than 480 kites from his custody. A case has been registered against him.

ACCIDENTS: Around seven people died, whereas 948 were injured in 886 road traffic accidents in all districts of Punjab during the last 24 hours. Out of this, 556 people were seriously injured who were shifted to different hospitals. Whereas, 379 minor injured victims were treated at the incident site.