Over Rs342m fine imposed on profiteers

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Oct 10, 2021

LAHORE : Department of Industries and Commerce has released the performance report of price control magistrates.

According to the report from January 2019 to October 5, 2021, the price control magistrates conducted 3,382,266 raids, 448,770 violations of profiteering and hoarding were reported. Fine of Rs342.218 million was imposed on the violators.

According to the report, 11,914 cases were registered and 18,390 people were arrested. During anti-hoarding campaign from June to October 5, 2021, 333 people were found involved in hoarding. The hoarders were fine Rs777,500, five cases were registered and 49 warehouses/stores were sealed. During anti-hoarding operation, lakhs of bags sugar and rice, 82,400 Kg ghee, 30,681 bags of wheat, 12,604 bags of flour, 123,543 litres of cooking oil and 4,396 kgs of pulses were recovered from the hoarders.

Minister for Industries and Trade Aslam Iqbal ordered for further intensifying the ongoing campaign against profiteers and hoarders.

He said those who aggravate the problems of the common man for a few rupees do not deserve any relaxation. From the auction process in agri-markets to the sale of essential commodities in the general markets should be closely monitored, he added.

Aslam Iqbal said that the prevention of inflation and hoarding is not only a responsibility but also a public service. Relevant officers should leave their offices, go to the field and provide relief to the people. He directed that sale of sugar, flour and other essential commodities at fixed rates should be ensured at all cost. Supply chain of essential items should also be monitored continuously and there should be no shortage of anything in the markets, the minister said.