Session on freedom of expression

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Oct 10, 2021

LAHORE : A consultation on ‘Exercising Constitutional Freedom Online: Prospects and Challenges in Pakistan’ was organised by Punjab Bar Council, Commons Law Company (CLC) and IRDA here on Saturday.

Raheel Kamran Cheema, member Punjab Bar Council, said space for freedom of expression in Pakistan is being encroached, which is against the Constitution. Freedom of expression strengthens democracy and democracy guarantees human rights, he said. He elaborated the meaning of democracy which means discussion and debate of ideas, having the right to freedom of expression, and involves tolerating everything with faith and positivity.

Saroop Ijaz, country director of Human Rights Watch, discussed International Law on Freedom of Expression and Right to Information: role of judicial actors in fulfilment of state’s obligations. He showed his concern and said freedom of expression is in danger, especially in third world countries. In Pakistan, journalists are facing issues of asking questions and raising their voices. He said it is the responsibility of the state to ensure implementation of the Constitution which protects freedom of expression.

Mudassar Farooq Adv explained, ‘New Cyber Law Regime and Constitutional Right to Freedom of Expression in Pakistan’.

Knowing is a right of every citizen, no one can be denied by this right. Those who stop, actually, they don’t want to see democracy in the country. Dissent must be encouraged, so that society could grow, he said.

Amjad Iqbal, member of Punjab Bar Council, Sabahat Rizvi, Zulifqat Ali Dhudhi, Ch Zafar Hussain, Additional Advocate General, Aftab Alama, Mehmal Sarfraz Benazir Shah and Qamar Bhatti, president PUJ, addressed the event.