‘Indonesian Batik’ exhibition starts tomorrow

Sunday, Oct 10, 2021

By Jamila Achakzai

Islamabad: Indonesian Embassy in Islamabad will organise a three-day exhibition 'Indonesian Batik: A Cultural Beauty' from Monday to Wednesday (October 11 to 13), and displays a fine collection of batik and batik products.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by the Indonesian Ambassador Adam Tugio, at 3 p.m., on Monday, at the 'Batik Studio' Centaurus Mall, Islamabad.

'Batik' is among the most recognisable manifestations of Indonesia's cultural heritage and it is one of the world's most treasured arts. 'Batik' is an ancient method of decorating textiles through dye resistance. Boosted by the dynamic development of aesthetics and technology its fascinating and intricate colorful eye catching designs are becoming even more widespread and appreciated worldwide especially in fashion whether it is traditional or modern.

'Batik' by all means has the potential to serve as a powerful medium to enhance cultural linkages between Indonesia and Pakistan. 'Indonesian Batik Exhibition' is being organised with the spirit of transmitting values and inspiring innovative ideas and skill development in creative mediums and fashion industry and would be an opportunity for the art & design enthusiasts to inspire their aesthetics talent.

Batik has also been added to the representative list of Unesco's World Intangible Cultural Heritage by recognising Indonesia as the origin and home to this exclusive art form and an historical fabric of human civilization.