Sana says NAB Ordinance gives NRO to PTI corruption

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Oct 10, 2021

FAISALABAD: By issuing an ordinance to retain the NAB Chairman, the Government has given an NRO to its corruption, PMLN provincial president Rana Sanaullah said.

Addressing a press conference along with JUI-F Senator Abdul Ghafoor Haideri regarding the PDM rally in Faisalabad on October 16, he said if such was the performance then where was the transparency that Imran Khan used to claim.

He said this country has to be run in accordance with the Constitution and no other option is acceptable. “Clean and transparent elections will have to be held in the country to rid this country of further disaster under the PTI government,” he added.

Maulana Haideri said that like Imran Khan, his economic advisors were also incompetent. "The people are opposed to this government’s policies due to inflation, unemployment and seeking opposition help for raising their voice," he said, adding that the Jalsa of PDM in Faisalabad would be a referendum against the elected government.

Leaders of other opposition parties in the PDM were also present on the occasion.