Govt should say ‘absolutely not’ to IMF: Sherry

Asim Yasin
Sunday, Oct 10, 2021

ISLAMABAD: PPP’s Parliamentary Leader in the Senate Sherry Rehman while rejecting the strict conditions of the IMF questioned why not those ministers who were advising the people to eat less bread not call the IMF to its strict financial conditions “absolutely not” right now.

Senator Sherry Rehman criticised the government in connection with hard financial conditions of the IMF from her twitter account and said the IMF putting condition on the government to impose additional tax of Rs225 billion on electricity prices and taxes. “This time, the ministers are not claiming to increase prices but why not call the IMF “absolutely not” right now”? she tweeted from her twitter account.

In the meanwhile, Secretary Information PPP Parliamentarians Shazia Marri rejected the increase in the electricity tariffs and said the “government of Imran Khan is depriving the people of their desire to live life easily by price hikes in electricity tariff”.

While criticising the hike in the electricity tariffs, Shazia Marri questioned the government that whose treasures are being filled by making electricity expensive in the country and PPP rejects this decision of the government. She said prime minister used to deliver lectures on civil disobedience when the prices of electricity tariff were increasing during the previous governments.

“Nowadays, the prices of electricity in Pakistan is at highest rates and people are worried about power loadshedding and high bills,” she added.

She said sign of incompetence is that Imran Khan laid the debris of his failure on others, poor quality flour is being provided to the people in Punjab and good quality of flour is being exported and further bad quality wheat is being imported.

She said the prices of medicines are beyond the purchasing power of the poor and so-called health card is merely a fraud done with innocent people. She claimed that only the PPP leadership can pull the country out of crises, adding people are wishing that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari assumes power.