Mochi Gate Park hosts ‘Royal Dangal’ today

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Sep 04, 2022

LAHORE : Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) has revived Shahi Dangal in old Lahore with the help of local wrestlers, businessmen and traders and in this regard the first dangal called ‘Royal Dangal’ will be organised at Mochi Gate Park at 5.00pm on Sunday (today).

According to WCLA officials, famous wrestlers of the country will participate in ‘Royal Dangal’. This historic event will be organised regularly every year, they said.

Officials said Dangal was an old traditional sport that was popular among the masses and there were 600 Akharas in Lahore, which reflected the popularity of this game.

Officials said some 20 years ago this traditional wrestling got vanished away from old Lahore and moved to other places in Punjab.

Director General of Walled City of Lahore Authority Kamran Lashari said that the wrestling arenas were the landmark of old Lahore, the authority was paying full attention to this sport and after a long time, these arenas were being revived with the support and interest of local businessmen.

“The Walled City Authority will continue to work to preserve the old culture of the city of Lahore,” Lashari concluded.

Following matches will be conducted on Sunday: Malu Pehlwan vs Mohsin Mochi Pehlwan (Rustam-e-Gujrat), Heera Baloch Pehlwan vs Umar Pehlwan Jaranwala, Goonga Pehlwan vs Qazi Mehboob Pehlwan of Multan, Arshad Pathan vs Usman Tobewala, (Rustam-e-Toba Tek Singh), Mamay Pehlwan vs Abdul Rehman Pehlwan of Gujranwala, Rashid Gujjar Pehlwan vs Qurban Kahanahwala while Mithu Pehlwan will face Wasim Gadhi Pehlwan.

Apart from this, there will be a muscle boat competition and open boat competition.