Haleem Adil victim of worst political revenge, alleges Asad Umar

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Sep 04, 2022

karachi: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Central Secretary General Asad Umar has said that Haleem Adil Sheikh is a victim of the worst political revenge as the Sindh government has made false cases against him.

“Sheikh was produced in a Malir’s court in a fake case,” he said while talking to media outside the Malir courts on Saturday.

Umar said the opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly had been facing political victimisation, as there was no case registered by any individual against Sheikh.

He said the imported government had also made a case of terrorism against PTI Chairman Imran Khan. “I delivered a speech at Data Darbar, but at that time a case was lodged in Islamabad. The PTI leadership has been facing political victimisation. When Haleem Adil Sheikh attends TV shows, the provincial government registers cases against him. Firdaus Shamim was in Karachi, but a case was registered against him in Islamabad. The imported government has done all this because the ruling alliance is scared of the PTI popularity.”

Umar said the Sindh government had completely failed to provide relief to the flood victims, and that was why cases were being made against Sheikh so that he couldn’t come out and expose the “corrupt mafia”.

The PTI leader said that the leadership of his party was standing by Sheikh as he was a committed person and devoted to the party. At this time, he added, Sheikh was suffering from severe pain in his leg, and he was not being given physical facilities.

“Earlier, I tried to meet Sheikh at the Central Jail, but we are not being allowed. I ask why human rights champions are silent on Sheikh’s political revenge.”

On the occasion, Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said: “I was arrested from inside the jail before I was released on bail. A case has been registered against members of Sindh Assembly who came to welcome me”.

He said that his life was in danger and he had written a letter to the chief justice of Pakistan and the chief justice of Sindh. “I will be killed in jail. The investigating officer tortured me. I swear on the holy Quran that I have nothing to do with the land that I have been accused of occupying”.

He vowed that if the Sindh government makes 10 more false cases against him, he would not bow down. “I’m a true soldier of Imran Khan. I will continue to fight for real freedom.”

The opposition leader said that all the bandits of Sindh were walking free, but he was imprisoned for raising the voice of the people. “I was told in jail that I will not be allowed to leave the prison as long as the flood situation in Sindh continues.”

PTI provincial assembly members Raja Azhar and Shah Nawaz Jadoon, PTI Karachi president Bilal Ghaffar and a large number of workers were also present.