The bill’s on us

Thursday, Sep 22, 2022

The recent increase in electricity bills and fuel adjustment charges is condemnable. The heavy bills have led to a public outcry as the people’s pockets are being emptied in the name of fuel adjustment. The total tax rate on electricity bills has also risen sharply, forcing people to sacrifice spending on other essentials such as food. The to-the-letter implementation of the IMF’s strict conditions by Pakistani rulers has made life miserable. It feels like the coalition government is working to fulfil the agenda of the IMF instead of representing and protecting the people.

As of writing, the price of crude oil in global markets has fallen below $88 per barrel, according to reports. But, unfortunately, our government has increased the petroleum levy to Rs37 per litre instead of using the drop in oil prices as an opportunity to provide financial relief to the people. These increases are only set to continue as the ultimate aim is to raise the petroleum levy to Rs50 per litre. There is simply no source of relief available to the public, who have to bear the consequences of the shortcomings and crimes of their corrupt and incompetent rulers.

Muhammad Imran Ul Haq