Visits to Israel not without ulterior motives: MWM

Our Correspondent
Thursday, Sep 22, 2022

Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) Chairman Allama Raja Nasir Abbas in a statement condemned the visit of a Pakistani delegation to Israel and termed the visit an open negation of the ideology of Pakistan and the edicts of the founder of Pakistan.

Abbas said that the gradual increase in visits to Israel by well-known political and social personalities, and journalists could not be ignored. The ulterior motives of such visits were not hidden, he said, adding that the effort being made to pave the way for the recognition of Israel would never succeed.

The MWM leader said that 220 million Pakistanis stood with the oppressed Palestinians. Those who sympathised with the Zionist tyrant state were traitors to the Muslim Ummah, he remarked.

Some powers wanted to promote a specific narrative in support of Israel in Pakistan, Abbas said, adding that the people of Pakistan would always oppose the tyrannical state of Israel which had oppressed innocent Palestinians, fired bullets at the first Qibla and targeted worshippers.

Abbas said that it was not mandatory to satisfy the United States and Israel, but it was necessary to protect Pakistan's ideological and geographical borders. “The government should clarify its position regarding the visit of a delegation to Israel. The ruling parties should tell the public what the objectives of these visits were. People have the right to ask how and why those delegations were allowed to visit a country to which travel on Pakistani passports is not possible,” he asked.