Three names sent to governor for appointment of IU chancellor

Syed Muhammad Askari
Thursday, Sep 22, 2022

Three names have been sent to the Sindh governor for the appointment of the chancellor of Iqra University, the largest private university in Sindh.

According to the act, the governor, who is also the patron of Iqra University, will approve one of the three names -- Iram Asad, Naveed Lakhani and Ahsan Murad -- as chancellor for a tenure of four years. The former chancellor of Iqra University, Hunaid Lakhani, had been appointed as chancellor of the varsity just one day before his death earlier this month. His notification as chancellor was issued by the Governor House on Sept 7 while he died on Sept 8. Hunaid Lakhani was the founder of Iqra University.