Mystery around child beggars finally resolved

Our Correspondent
Thursday, Sep 22, 2022

Islamabad : The mystery revolving around a group of child beggars has finally been resolved after it came to the surface that a vehicle that picked up these children from a traffic signal was actually sent by the police to arrest them.

According to the details, the police department recently launched a massive crackdown against beggars and their handlers and so far arrested many people who were involved in this illegal act. A couple of days back a Hilux stopped at a traffic signal between the F-10 and G-11 sectors and picked up the child beggars in the evening time. The eyewitnesses immediately informed the police that a vehicle was involved in transporting child beggars from one location to another.

Some people also took pictures and sought action against the driver who was transporting the child beggars. There was no other person in the vehicle when it picked up the child beggars. The police department later cleared the dust from the incident through its Twitter handle and stated that the vehicle was sent by the police to arrest those child beggars.

It said the arrest of the child beggars was part of the crackdown launched in the recent past to break the network of organised gangs that were involved in using men, women, and children for beggary in the federal capital.

It is pertinent to mention here that the police department in September 2020 terminated and arrested eight policemen from the Islamabad police over patronizing ring leaders of beggars in the federal territory. The terminated officials included an assistant sub-inspector, two head constables, and five other policemen. The Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) has been constantly insisting the police department curb illegal acts of beggary and help rehabilitate those who are involved in this illegal profession.