Road safety drive with students

Our crime correspondent
Thursday, Sep 22, 2022

Islamabad : The Islamabad Police along with students of a private school conducted a one-day road safety campaign at F-8 traffic exchange signal to acquaint citizens about road safety tips and create better awareness about traffic rules.

Islamabad Capital Police organised a one-day road safety campaign at the F-8 traffic exchange signal with the participation of the City school students and educated road users about traffic rules. During the campaign, more than 30 students along with the Islamabad capital police personnel informed the citizens about traffic laws and gave them safety tips. The students informed the citizens about road safety measures including fastening of seat belts, dangers of listening to mobile phones during drive, lane violations and dangers of riding motorcycles without a helmet.

This campaign was organised following the directions of the Inspector General of Police Islamabad Dr Akbar Nasir Khan. Islamabad capital police education team along with the students participated in the campaign and provided awareness about traffic rules and road safety.

On this occasion, signboards were also displayed by the students about traffic rules. It is to mention that the education team of Islamabad capital police is organising road safety awareness lectures for the participants in various institutions of Islamabad. In addition, this team is also providing information to the citizens about traffic rules. The senior teachers and staff of the school commended the job of Islamabad capital police personnel. They said that they are performing their duties to provide the best travel facilities to the citizens and maintaining smooth traffic flow in Islamabad roads even in the tough weather, which is commendable.