Fault detected in cargo ship purchased by PNSC

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Thursday, Sep 22, 2022

KARACHI: A major fault has been detected in one of the two cargo ships recently purchased by the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) after spending Rs8 billion, reported local media on Wednesday.

The PNSC recently purchased two cargo ships ‘Sargodha’ and ‘Mardan’ last year after spending Rs8 billion. Sources said that the ‘oil pumping system’ of ‘Sargodha’ turned out to be rotten. Following the major fault, the cargo ship failed to transport the stock of crude oil to Port Qasim, which was scheduled on Monday. It emerged that the Sargodha ship went through repair works for three days on the outer channel of the port. Later, the ship departed from the outer anchorage to Port Qasim.

Sources said that the PNSC has decided dry docking of the second cargo ship, Mardan in October. In foreign countries, dry docking or basic servicing requires expenditures worth millions.

Moreover, two more ships, Khairpur and Bolan, which had been purchased many years ago were not sent for dry docking, sources added. Meanwhile, on the recommendation of Senate Standing Committee and Maritime Ministry, it has been decided to probe the issue of 14-year old ships purchased by PNSC. According to the officials of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, the investigation into the matter will be carried out by Prime Minister’s Inquiry Committee.