We lack 2010-like resources to help Pakistan: US State Dept

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Monday, Sep 26, 2022

LAHORE: US State Department Counselor Derek Chollet has said the reason for the reduction in US aid during the recent floods in contrast to the 2010 floods is not Pakistan-US relations but a lack of resources.

Speaking to the BBC from Washington, Derek Chollet said the situation was radically different in 2010. “At the time, the US Congress had allocated billions of dollars for the welfare of the people in Pakistan in recognition of the efforts made in the context of the Afghan war. But we don’t have those resources now,” he explained.

The Afghan war was on its peak in 2010 and the United States considered Pakistan its closest ally, but their relations have fluctuated over the past 12 years. Last year, US-led NATO forces withdrew from Afghanistan, which led the Taliban government there.

Derek Chollet visited Pakistan earlier this month and assured Pakistani officials of providing $5 million in aid to people affected by floods. Besides, he also attended events to mark the completion of 75 years of Pak-US relations.

According to Derek Chollet, the reason for the apparent reduction in aid is not coldness in relations, but the global economic crisis and Ukrainian war. “Economic hardship is almost everywhere in the world and Europe is currently undergoing its greatest human tragedy after the Ukrainian war. The European Union has already spent most of its resources this year, but we need to understand that it can take several months to rehabilitate flood victims in Pakistan. That’s why we need to be ready for aid,” he added.

He said the UN Secretary-General was also in Pakistan during his presence and he had also made it clear that more assistance would be provided. “In the coming days, the World Bank will present its analysis of the floods in Pakistan, which will indicate what Pakistan especially needed,” he explained.