Show me the money

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022

This letter refers to the editorial ‘The dam fund’ (September 22, 2022). The crowd-funding for the dams in question was initiated by the then chief justice and would eventually attract the support of former PM Imran Khan. Now, ironically, the funds appear to have vanished. Many Pakistanis, at home and abroad, generously donated their hard-earned money for this cause.

It is a matter of concern that the Public Accounts Committee is trying to investigate and no one is cooperating with it. The money was collected by asking for donations and the custodian of the donations has a responsibility to be answerable to the donors as well the people in whose name the funds were collected. Heavy rains have flooded the country and destroyed people’s lives, crops, livestock and much more. If a speedy dam construction was carried out, as promised, we could have stored drinking water for many people and could have lessened the severity of the floods, if not completely avoided them altogether.

Anas A Khan

Edmonton, Canada