Fawad wants probe into audio leaks

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senior Vice President Ch Fawad Hussain on Monday urged an impartial investigation into the content of audio leaks, accusing the government of being afraid of audio leaks. He said that was why it wanted to buy them.

He said: “We strongly condemn this security failure. Unfortunately, phone tapping has become a common issue in Pakistan. Due to this leak, Pakistan has faced a serious national security crisis. It means that the office of the prime minister is weak in terms of cyber security and no conversation is safe there.”

Talking to media here, he said there was a conversation of security agencies related to security, which could be leaked. This was a big problem, this matter must be investigated. It was surprising that so far the Prime Minister’s House had neither issued a statement on this matter nor announced any investigation.

“A TV channel said that the government is discussing the purchase of data from hackers and blackmailers. Then, they will not blackmail the government and will give the original files to it, the important thing is to bring the people involved in this matter to the fore and install the latest debugging system at the Prime Minister’s House for the future,” he noted.

Fawad pointed out that the Interior minister said the Prime Minister’s House was unsafe and everything was recorded there and this could be gauged from how the government was running and what was its situation. Referring to the leaks, he claimed that the text of this conversation was very explosive. The hacker had said there was a more terrible conversation. The leaks indicated what the imported government was doing. “We repeatedly said that the cigarette industry was given concessions at the behest of Marriyum Aurangzeb as her husband is the marketing in-charge of the world’s largest tobacco company. The children of important ministers were given jobs in the PTC and other companies. The imported government made a lot of recommendations to open trade with India. The PTI had opposed it,” he claimed.

The PTI leader said the Prime Minister was saying that the machinery coming from India should be brought through another country. The system of the country was being deceived. How Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif could meet Articles 62 and 63 now. “That he is breaking the policy of his country for his family. The country’s media has been used for personal interests, media big people are involved in the conspiracies of the imported government. The working journalists are innocent in this whole game. They know how their institution is being controlled by someone else. Maryam Nawaz is controlling the media through her son-in-law. She tweeted on the price of oil,” he alleged and said the accident of a Pakistan Army helicopter in Harnai was a sad incident and the martyrdom of Pakistan Army soldiers was a big tragedy for the country. He said there was concern why technical accidents of helicopters were increasing. It needed to be considered.

He said that hopefully, the chief justice of Pakistan would take notice of this matter. “We are submitting all these audios to the Supreme Court of Pakistan so that it could decide the matter. “We demand that there be an impartial investigation into this matter, the official statement of the government should come on these audios and action should be taken against the prime minister that he tried to reward his son-in-law at the behest of Maryam Nawaz.”