Cautionary note

Saturday, Oct 01, 2022

This letter refers to the article ‘Generation Alpha’ (September 30, 2022) by Dr Imran Batada. The article argues that Generation Alpha will be more “tech-savvy” than its predecessors, given the growing prevalence of digital tools and platforms in work, education and recreation. Although I agree with the article’s points to a great extent, unfortunately, I feel things will be quite different in our society from the optimistic picture painted in the article.

The article implies that the benefits of new technologies will outweigh their harms when it comes to Generation Alpha. But, most parents in our society are unaware of the harms of technology, particularly the downsides of overuse and unproductive usage. As a result, the new generation may lack the guidance to utilize new technologies properly and get the most out of them. Strict limits on usage, including avoiding applications that are merely for entertainment and passing the time, is crucial to gaining benefits from technology. Otherwise, new technology is a distraction at best.

Zakeer Zakreeya