Ban sought on sale of stun guns

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

Islamabad : People from different walks of life have demanded a complete ban on the sale of stun guns in the open market which can pose an entirely new threat to the residents of the capital city.

According to the details, the shopkeepers and vendors are selling stun guns/electric Tasers with prices ranging from Rs3,000 to Rs6,000, depending on the quality of the product. Atif Bashir, an electrical engineer, said “The powerful stun gun gives out a mighty 5,000 volts of electricity when fired. This pulse is like touching a high-powered electric fence. You can imagine the jolt that this will give to any person. If the shock is continued for 2 or more seconds, the person will lose muscle control and collapse.”

He said “The crime ratio is already quite high and we see criminals and miscreants looting people on gunpoint. But when they will get stun guns then they will pose a new challenge and use them for crimes.”

Stun guns and Tasers are convenient self-defence weapons that fit easily into most bags and pockets. These are considered the best option against criminals. But if the criminals start using them against citizens then it can create an untoward situation for the relevant authorities.

Imrana Yaqoob, a resident of Islamabad, said “Provision of security to the residents is one of the prime responsibilities of the government. But if the residents start using equipment like stun guns for self-defence then it will also create threats for them. Other people especially criminals can also use these guns against them.”

She said “A lot of people including females come to developed tracks and parks for a walk or hiking. The culture of using sophisticated devices like stun guns cannot be a good option for self-defence.”