Lahore 2nd among most polluted cities

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Oct 30, 2022

LAHORE : Provincial metropolis stood second in the ranking of world’s most polluted cities here on Saturday while India’s capital Delhi was on top of the list.

Following the increase in air pollution, many citizens traveling on city roads witnessed a hazy vision with irritation in eyes and problems in breathing. Data collected from IQ Air revealed that Delhi, India was on top of the list of most polluted cities of the world with an AQI of 193 while Lahore’s AQI was 160. Dubai, UAE was third in the ranking with an AQI of 157.

The remaining top cities were Hanoi, Vietnam (AQI 156), Kuwait City, Kuwait (AQI 153), Dhaka, Bangladesh (AQI 144), Lima, Peru (AQI 127), Kolkata, India (AQI 127), Karachi, Pakistan (AQI 126) and Belgrade, Serbia (AQI 121).

­Meanwhile Met officials said continental air was prevailing over most parts of the country. They predicted that mainly dry weather was expected in most parts of the country while cold in northern areas.

Saturday’s lowest minimum temperature was recorded at Leh where mercury dropped down to -04°C while in Lahore it was 16.2°C and maximum was 32°C.