10,227 criminals arrested

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Nov 06, 2022

LAHORE : Lahore police arrested as many as 10,227 criminals involved in different crimes in September 2022.

According to a report issued here on Saturday, Police arrested 424 members of 186 active dacoit gangs and recovered 10 cars, 411 motorcycles, 14 other vehicles and electronic gadgets. Police arrested 54 illicit arms carriers, 899 drug pushers and 442 gamblers. 5,797 proclaimed and targeted offenders and court absconders along with 1,200 proclaimed offenders (POs) of 'A' category, 538 POs of 'B' category, 4,059 targeted offenders whereas 3,179 court absconders (CAs) were arrested during last month. Police also arrested 263 accused for violating Kite Flying Act and recovered more than 2,929 kites as well as 330 strings from them. As many as 2,013 lawbreakers were arrested under National Action Plan (NAP) on different violations during the last month. 414 people were arrested on Sound System Regulation Ordinance violation, 283 on Information of Temporary Residents Ordinance violation, 670 on Arms (Amendments) Ordinance violation, 08 on Expressing Matters on Walls (Amendments) Ordinance violation and 8 accused were arrested for spreading hate.