Take responsibility

Sunday, Nov 13, 2022

Most countries are now dominated by a consumer culture that worships owning lots of stuff, regardless of whether we need them. This culture of unnecessary and unceasing spending is, arguably, the main driver of pollution. In Pakistan, despite the passage of many environmental protection laws, the government has failed to bring pollution under control.

Today, our soil, water and air are more polluted than ever before. Our forests are dwindling every year, gradually turning us into a smoggy, grimy concrete jungle. Recently, the government has started paying more attention to afforestation, however, solving the pollution problem will require a more expansive and integrated approach. A forest with toxic rivers and air will not be able to sustain any life. We need a national environmental awareness campaign as only a combination of state laws and public cooperation can make a change, the government cannot fight this battle on its own. We owe it to the world and to ourselves to be more conscious of the environmental impact of our activities

Babar Hayat