Jang Economic Session: Political stability needed for economic uplift, says speakers

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Nov 13, 2022

LAHORE : Pakistan needs comprehensive reforms to bring peace and prosperity in the country. The biggest problem of the country is food shortage. unemployment, instability and chaos.

These views were expressed by the discussants at Jang Economic Session on ‘when public get the peace and prosperity’. The panelists were Dr Yasir Mehmood, Dr Tayyab Ali Khan, Dr Salahudin Ayubi, Fouzia Tahir and Agha Saidan while the session was moderated by Sikindar Lodhi.

Dr Yasir Mehmood said main issue is unemployment and shortage food. Successive governments and those ruled the country more than 30 years are responsible of the current situation. Pakistan’s GDP is the lowest in the most populated countries while the progress graph has been sliding over the last 70 years. All the stakeholders take a step back to resolve the crisis alongside implementation of the social justice for peace and prosperity.

Dr Tayyab Ali Khan said the country needs peace, increased GDP and quality life for people. Lack of peace has a profound effect on economic prosperity. “Pakistan should focus on peace, environment and foreign policies to move forward. Elimination of corruption in institutions and political stability is very necessary. Pakistan's economy was better than India, Bangladesh, but now Pakistan is behind them. It is important to think of new economic models to solve problems. Pakistan youth has immense talent,” he said.

Dr Salahudin Ayubi said economic and social uplift is linked to health and peace. “A healthy economy is not possible without a peaceful society.

Last three decades are presenting the worst situation. An atmosphere of insecurity is spreading rapidly across the country. All this is happening at a time when the economy is also suffering from its worst conditions. Solution is not immediate, but possible with long-term attention and cooperation, he said.

Fouzia Tahir said, “First to bring prosperity in the country. We are stuck in the race of money, principles and values are being destroyed. The institutions should adopt punctuality and fulfill their duties responsibly. It is important to follow the rules of accountability against making money or corruption in politics. Therefore, revolutionary change can be brought only by bringing in positive and honest people and changing people's thinking in this regard.”

Agha Saidan said that the political stability and law and order play a very important role in the economic development. Research shows that whenever there is political instability in a country, the economy of that country goes down. Pakistan is passing through the worst situation since the Covid. Inflation rate is increasing due to political instability. Purchasing power of people is decreasing. Further, the energy crisis is also aggravating the situation. There is a need for peace in society for which people have to decide now. Immediate election is the only solution.”