Irregularities detected in development schemes for MNAs

Rana Ghulam Qadir
Sunday, Nov 13, 2022

ISLAMABAD: The Auditor General of Pakistan has detected irregularities worth millions of rupees in the Cabinet Division development schemes of the members of National Assembly under the Sustainable Development Goals.

The revelation was made by the Auditor General of Pakistan in its report for 2020-21. The report says PWD paid Rs3.59 billion without getting approval from the contract agreement authority. It recommends that contract agreement be ensured before payment. The matter was discussed at the April 19, 2021 meeting of Departmental Accounts Committee.

Audit officials are of the view that the agreement with the chief engineers or SE was required to be approved. The PWD took the position that administrative and tactical approval had been taken. The DAC directed that in future, prior approval of the contractor agreement be ensured.

The audit report reveals that the PWD had not complied with the Cabinet Division guiding principles and the work of development schemes of Rs2.3 billion was awarded without meeting the requirements. Under Cabinet Division directives, it has to be ensured that a scheme is practical and in public interest before launching it. It is also necessary that the same scheme is not completed or being completed by any other agency.

The report recommends ensuring compliance with these conditions. The report says the PWD had paid Rs695 million without entering details in the measurement book. The condition for these schemes is that the land is in the name of the government. Schemes at Sahiwal were launched from the leftover funds, against the guidelines of the Cabinet Division. The costs of Rs 120m have been declared unjustified. An additional payment of Rs97 million was made by allowing more work. More than work scope work was done at unauthorised expenses of Rs62 million. The schemes that have not been completed in a timely manner have not been charged with liquidity charges of Rs53 million. More than Rs33 million was paid for working at a rate higher than the market rate.

According to the report, PC 4 of schemes worth Rs2,532 million were not prepared and Rs4003 million non-duplication certificates were not received.