Three-week theatre workshop opens at PNCA

Sunday, Nov 13, 2022

Islamabad : A three-week theatre workshop started here on Friday at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), aimed to guide the young actors as how to take practical steps before acting and enthused performing art lovers.

PNCA along with senior artists and theatre experts organised the workshop to provide institutional support to the theatre lovers of Pakistan and promotion of street theatre as well, said Waqar Azeem, programme organiser and mentor while talking to APP.

The workshop would continue till November 27 while certificates would be given to the participants in a colourful concluding ceremony on November 30. At the end of the workshop, there will be a street theatre performance on the issues of persons with disabilities to be presented by the participants of the workshop.

The topics and content of the workshop includes introduction to the theatre, universal principles of acting, history of theatre and art of street theatre, the relationship between acting and dancing, acerbating and miming, acting and overacting economy of gesture and voice, tools of acting, different limbs of body their extremities and balance, body gustier movement and effect, balance and grace exercise, voice control, intonation and effect, breathing and use of throat, imagination, evolving of script, three different schools of thoughts (realism, symbolism and absurd), other tools like light, sound, set and makeup and how to use them in street theatre, preparation of play project and presentation of play.

The acting course aims to utilise the energy of youth at a level of exploration with a proper platform for supporting their inner abilities.

It is an attempt to explore the talent of amateur and budding artistes for promoting and preserving the rich culture of the country as well as to refine the talent of participants, he said.

The training focuses on involvement of youth in extra-curricular activities as well as show their talent in the field of performing arts and promote healthy entertainment through expressions of art.

The trend of quality and thoughtful theatre plays an important role in highlighting and resolving the issues like education, training and social problems.

The history of theatre is connected with the history of human society and it also lead towards revolutions in shaping the society, said the organisers.

The concluding session of the training will stage the talent of the participants with diverse ideas that will focus on story and message combining strong expressions with techniques of acting, dialogue delivery and script.

Stage drama is a strong medium of education and occupies a unique place among performing arts with reflection and identification of social evils in an entertaining way.

Besides giving quality entertainment, such events also promote healthy activities among the youngsters and revive the concept of theatre in the twin cities with theme of promoting peace, love and harmony.

Such events play an important role in highlighting and resolving the issues of society and also bring correction to the society through artistic expressions, the organisers said. — APP