Sindh Police seek military grade weapons to eliminate dacoits

Imdad Soomro
Sunday, Nov 13, 2022

KARACHI: To eliminate and counter hardened criminals, especially dacoits of riverine (katcha) area of Ghotki, Kashmore and Shikarpur districts, the Sindh Police are going to purchase sophisticated and heavy weapons, including sniper rifles, mortar guns, thermal binoculars and drone cameras.

Besides, the Sindh Police have also recommended the Sindh government authorities for fixing head money on some 100 dacoits engaged in the riverine area of upper Sindh.

According to the official correspondence, following the decisions of a committee constituted on the directions of Inspector General of Sindh Police, Ghulam Nabi Memon, the force will purchase heavy and hi-tech arms, including sniper rifles of 12.7mm bore with night vision capability, thermal binoculars for ambush parties, night and thermal vision capability drone cameras for direct monitoring of operations and to identify hideouts and movements of dacoits during the operation, 82 HE mortar guns with 1,000 number of rounds, 60mm mortar guns with 1,000 rounds and AGL with 1,000 rounds.

The official correspondence added that due to the military grade nature of arms and restriction on its usage, purchase could be done separately.

Besides the decision of purchasing sophisticated arms after the attack of dacoits on a police camp in district Ghotki in which five police officials were killed, the Sindh Police have recommended for fixing head money on 101 dacoits, majority of them of Shar community for their elimination and apprehension, in alive or dead condition.

The official correspondence says the Sindh Police besides requesting higher authorities for fixation of head money of Rs5 million to Rs2 million on 85 dacoits, has especially asked for Rs10 million to 5 million head money for 16 hardened dacoits who, according to the police, were involved in recent deadly attack on the police camp in Ghotki riverine area. Rs10 million head money has been recommended for Rahab, Khuda Bux, Sanaullah, Soomar, Rano, Dost Ali, all by caste Shar, and Janu Indhar and Jameel Indhar.