Khattak blames PDM govt for economic downturn

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Nov 13, 2022

HARIPUR: Former chief minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) provincial president Pervez Khan Khattak has said that the country is in a deep economic crisis due to the policies of the ruling Pakistan Democratic Movement’s government.

“Unfortunately, the political leadership of the PDM component parties have ruled the country for over three decades but their political acumen can be better gauged from the burden of interest-based heavy debt on the country,” he said while speaking to the participants of Azadi March here on Saturday.

He added that there was just one era of real development in the country and it was Ayub Khan’s government when the country witnessed real development and prosperity in the shape of new dams and industries.

But after the Ayub Khan government, the political parties, some of which are part of the PDM government, burdened the country under such a heavy debt that new loans were required for payment of interest-based installments of the loan, Khattak said.

He added that the so-called experts of governance have led the country to the brink of economic destruction and default.

He called the PDM’s leaders as “jugglers” and accused them of enslaving the Pakistani nation economically in front of the foreign powers.

“They have no sympathy with Pakistan and extend financial loans at the higher interest rate,” he claimed.

Terming the leadership of PTI chief Imran Khan as a blessing, Khattak said that after a long time, the country was bestowed with an honest man who had brought about real development but his government was sent packing through a conspiracy and later a plot to assassinate him was executed in Wazirabad.

“But he survived the attack with the grace of Allah,” he said, adding that Imran Khan’s only offense was that he was fighting for the rights of people and the future of Pakistan, instead of his personal gains.

The people of Pakistan, he said, realised that Imran Khan was the only leader who was struggling for the future of the coming generations and for the sole purpose of breaking the shackles of enslavement of the foreign powers.

Speaking on this occasion, former speaker of National Assembly, Asad Qaiser, said that he had a 26 years long association with Imran Khan and found him the only leader who was fighting for the rights of the country and the nation.

“He would neither bow down, nor let the nation be subservient to foreign powers and it’s clearly mentioned in the manifesto of our party,” he added.

Discussing Pakistan’s role in the American war in Afghanistan, Asad Qaiser said that Pakistani forces, people and the national economy suffered a lot during the war for others in the past.

Speaker KP Assembly and Acting Governor Mushtaq Ahmed Ghani said that the people of Hazara had proved that their region was a stronghold of PTI and they were waiting for the final call of Imran Khan to march towards Islamabad.

Former provincial minister and PTI leader Yousuf Ayub Khan also addressed the party workers.

On the occasion, the party activists listened to a nationwide speech of party chief Imran Khan through a video link.