Inmol Hospital gets Halcyon machine

Our Correspondent
Thursday, Nov 24, 2022

LAHORE: New state-of-the-art radiation machine Halcyon has been installed for modern treatment of patients in Inmol Hospital on Wednesday.

The machine costing Rs40 crore, is the most advanced radiation machine of Varian Company in the public sector in the provincial metropolis, after which the patient's treatment will be completed in just five minutes. This machine has the facility of IGRT. It will verify the patient's marks daily by CT Scanning and then complete the treatment within minutes.

Director Inmol Dr Abubakar Shahid said that Inmol Hospital is the largest cancer hospital among the 19 cancer hospitals of Pakistan Atomic Energy. These PAEC hospitals bear 80 percent workload of all Pakistan cancer patients. “There are already three modern radiation machines here. Now, after this fourth machine, our radiation department will work more actively than before,” he added.