DHA cop murder suspect’s brother-in-law, servant arrested

Faraz Khan
Thursday, Nov 24, 2022

KARACHI: Police on Wednesday arrested the brother-in-law and servant of the man suspected of murdering a police constable in the DHA neighbourhood two days ago, claiming that the two men had helped the suspect escape the country after the fatal shooting.

Suspect Khurram Nisar, son of a former deputy commissioner, had allegedly gunned down a constable of the Shaheen Force after a bitter conversation on Monday night. He, however, managed to escape to Sweden within a few hours of the incident.

Nisar’s brother-in-law Aziz Amir and servant Aurangzaib have been detained over facilitation charges. The servant is accused of changing the registration number plate of the vehicle used in the incident and covering it.

“Khurram Nisar came to my hotel after the incident,” the brother-in-law can be heard in a video recording of his statement to the police, “and called me through the waiter or the manager saying that he needs to leave the country immediately.”

Since Nisar has had personal enmities before, Amir thought that a similar situation might have occurred, but the suspect later told his brother-in-law about the incident saying that there had been a fight so he needs to leave the country.

Amir said Nisar had not booked his ticket in advance. “My wife also went with me to the airport because she had to leave for Dubai. Khurram asked me to book the ticket for him, but I refused.”

It is yet to be ascertained how Nisar was able to flee to Sweden, because even though the suspect had boarded the flight at 4:11am and the police had given the FIA Immigration his details and Pakistani passport at 4:30am, the flight had been delayed for three hours.

South Zone police chief Irfan Ali Baloch told The News that they have written to the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports to seize Nisar’s passport, and to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to issue a red warrant to bring him back to the country.

Replying to a question, DIG Baloch said that the initial statement of the slain cop’s fellow official mentioned in the FIR has not changed, adding that efforts are under way to find the woman.

He said that it is understood that the constable wanted to take the suspect to the police station but Nisar shot the cop dead and escaped. “Now we need to bring him back to the country to stand trial.”

Police said they are also seeking assistance from the Swedish embassy, adding that they are looking for passers-by to record their statements as well. They said that the suspect’s record is good neither in Pakistan nor in Sweden, adding that he appeared to be under the influence at the time of the incident.

Meanwhile, an investigation team headed by Clifton SP Ahmed Chaudhry once again raided Nisar’s house. They found a 9mm pistol and the registration number plate of the vehicle used in the incident. Police said they had also impounded the other vehicle used by the suspect, adding that the suspect had escaped to the airport in the second vehicle.

Family’s warning

Addressing a press conference, the slain constable’s father said the Addl IG and the DIG have made the assurance that the suspect willbe arrested, but he expressed dissatisfaction with the investigators. “Why couldn’t the police arrest the suspect despite having the power and authority?”

He warned that the police have 10 days to arrest the suspect, otherwise protest sit-ins and rallies will be held. He also complained that no officer had visited the family to offer their condolences. “Had the son of a feudal lord been killed, the suspect would’ve been caught by now.”

FIA denies claims

The FIA has denied the claims that the agency had not taken timely action to arrest the suspect. Their spokesperson said the FIA Immigration Karachi had received a request from the South police to put the suspect’s name on the stop list at 11am, but the suspect had already completed immigration at 4:11am. The spokesperson said that in the received application, the details of the suspect’s Pakistani passport were mentioned, while he was not travelling on a Pakistani passport.

According to the Integrated Border Management System’s records, the suspect used his Swedish passport to travel, the details of which the FIA Immigration later shared with the South police, added the spokesperson.