Waseem sets sights on title fight in England

Alam Zeb Safi
Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

KARACHI: Pakistan's premier professional boxer and three-time WBC world silver flyweight champion Mohammad Waseem on Saturday returned home from Glasgow after a month-long training stint in order to apply for UK's International Sportsperson Visa which will make him eligible to play his professional fight in England.

Waseem, earlier, was expected to fight his world title fight in Mexico in December but that plan was dropped by his organisers who want the Pakistani top professional fighter to fight for world title in England where boxing is extremely popular.

“Yes, I returned home today and plan to apply for an International Sports Visa in the UK. I was on UK's visit visa and as per England's rules one can train there through this type of visa but cannot play a professional fight. And that is why I need to apply for the required visa,” Waseem told 'The News' from Islamabad hours after reaching home on Saturday.

Waseem informed that he had been told that he would play in Mexico but that plan was changed and now his eyes are on the fight in England.

“Fighting in England will be very good. It's a sort of country where boxing is massively followed besides football and it would be a great chance for me to achieve global glory,” said Waseem, also a former two-time Commonwealth Games medallist.

“I am making documentation for the visa and on Monday I will also get a license number,” Waseem said.

He said that he trained well in Glasgow.

“ I trained hard under Danny Vaughan and now am in 60 percent shape. I have also reduced my weight up to seven to eight kilograms,” said Waseem, also the 2014 Incheon Asian Games bronze medallist.

Waseem feels that he will have to work extra hard during his stay in Pakistan.

“As I am on my way to achieve top shape but now I am in Pakistan where it is not easy to maintain that training rhythm which I had got in Glasgow. We cannot compare the diet which I used to get in Glasgow and what I will get here but still I am keen to keep a healthy diet here and maintain my shape. Soon after returning home today I started my work-out as there is no other option. It's not the time to rest but I will need constant growth and when I return to Glasgow I will be in good shape,” Waseem said.

“Glasgow will be my sole training destination after I get the special visa,” he said.

Waseem has prepared a well-facilitated gym at his home in Islamabad.

“It's a good gym and here exists every kind of facility exists for training. I want to make it better further,” said the fighter who uses his own gym for training.

Earlier this year Waseem lost his IBF world title fight against Sunny Edwards of England on points despite having an upper hand over his opponent in Dubai.