Political situation under control: Elahi

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi met an All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) delegation at his office on Saturday.

Talking to the delegation, he said that by the grace of Allah Almighty, the political situation was under control, adding that until Allah Almighty did not want, no harm would be done to the Punjab government.

He said that by the grace of Allah Almighty, the Punjab government was intact and would complete its term. “We did enormous works for the welfare of people as our intentions are pure and we are heading in the right direction. Allah Almighty granted us an opportunity and we are serving the masses.”

“We take decisions by always remembering Allah Almighty and bear fruit. Now we are bearing fruit for having positive intentions as we have no malice towards anyone along with having a positive thinking. We completed the work of more than a year in only two and a half months,” he said.