‘PTI win in AJK polls shows Imran’s popularity’

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022

LAHORE:Chief Minister and Punjab government spokesperson Musarat Jamshed Cheema while talking to the media at Government College University has said that for the first time in the history of local bodies elections in Azad Kashmir, a party without federal government support has won.

The AJK elections results are enough to tell the PDM how popular Imran Khan is, she added and termed it a big change in Azad Kashmir. Despite all its resources, the federal government lost to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf in the local bodies elections. Defeated PML-N is celebrating its hollow victory by winning a few seats, she remarked. The spokesperson said why the Peoples Party is avoiding holding local bodies elections in Sindh and maintained that the PTI will defeat PPP in the upcoming elections with the power of the people. In the next elections, the voters have to write such a tragic end to the PDM cabal that they could not have imagined, she said and regretted that in eight months, Pakistan was sinking under the burden of these thieves, bandits and robbers.

PDM is like a pigeon that closes its eyes to danger, she and questioned why the trio of Bakhtawar, Aseefa and Maryam Safdar did not demand Maulana withdraw his unacceptable statement about women.

Earlier while addressing the Summit of Students Society-2022, she said that it will take some time to ensure gender equality in society but we should not despair. If we compare Pakistan with the rest of the world, we are far behind in balancing the rights of women and men, she maintained and said that not everything is good but there is a strong desire for change in people.

If anyone insults a woman openly, even if he is a party leader, he should be in jail, she said and alleged Fazl-ur-Rehman abused the mothers, sisters and daughters of the entire nation, but not a single statement from Maryam Nawaz or the leadership of the Peoples Party came against him.