Shahnawaz Amir, mother indicted in Sarah Inam murder case

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Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022

ISLAMABAD: A district and sessions court on Monday indicted Shahnawaz Amir, the main accused, and his mother Sameena Shah in the Sarah Inam murder case.

The indictment order was issued by judge Atta Rabbani after he dismissed Ms Shah’s application seeking to be discharged from the case. The judge had earlier in the day reserved the verdict on her plea. Both the accused pleaded not guilty to the crime, as the court asked the prosecution to summon the witnesses on December 14.

When the court took up the case, it heard Ms Shah’s application requesting it to discharge her from the murder case. Sameena Shah’s lawyer Nasir Asghar told the court that the police wrote in its charge-sheet that his client was found at the crime scene but did not mention her involvement.

“When the prosecution’s case is not against her then she should be discharged from the case,” Asghar told the court. He added the court will have to make its final opinion after looking at the charge-sheet.

Ms Shah’s lawyer also told the court that when the police arrived at the crime scene she handed her son to the law enforcement agency.“The only reason given is that the plaintiff is insisting [on adding her name],” said the lawyer, adding apart from this there was nothing against his client.

At this point, the court adjourned the hearing after the lawyer of Sarah’s father Inam-ur-Rehman could not reach the court. Once the lawyer arrived, the hearing was resumed.The lawyer told the court that they agree that when Sarah came to the farmhouse the three of them — the victim and both accused — had dinner together in the evening. He added it was also mentioned in the police record that Sarah came there after the divorce.

“What happened when these three people sat together that evening?” asked the lawyer. He added the divorce between the couple happened two days before the murder and the CCTV cameras also stopped working the same day.

The lawyer also told the court that Ms Shah’s counsel had said the murder happened at 9:00am but the postmortem was suggesting something else.The DVR (digital video recorder) had been seized by the police and sent for forensics, the lawyer said. He added in the investigation it was found that Shahnawaz’s father Ayaz Amir, who was discharged, reported the crime to the police.

Sarah Inam, 37, a Canadian national and economist, was married to Shahnawaz for just three months before being murdered. After the incident on September 23, Shahnawaz was detained by the police from a farmhouse in Islamabad’s Chak Shahzad area for being a suspect in his wife’s murder and later confessed to killing her, saying he “thought” his spouse was having an affair. Next day, a trial court approved the arrest warrants of Ayaz Amir and his former wife Sameena Shah, as the two were nominated as suspects by Sarah’s family. Amir was arrested while his former wife later acquired pre-arrest bail.

However, during a hearing on September 27, an Islamabad court discharged Ayaz Amir from the case citing “no evidence” against him in Sarah’s murder.