Woman ‘raped’ by police personnel

Shakeel Anjum
Wednesday, Dec 07, 2022

Islamabad : A widow, mother of a one-and-a-half year old son, was allegedly raped by at least one police personnel who was helped by another two of his accomplices on November 26, 2022 and was later forcibly evicted from her home.

The police have detained the suspects including a cop allegedly involved in the rape. It is almost two weeks to the incident now but the Islamabad Police are still sitting tight on the ‘First Information Report’ the poor lady got registered on November 29 at 9 pm. Reacting to the attitude of the police towards the case, the mother-in-law of the victim, Mst ‘R’ resident of Nurpur Shahan (Bari Imam), approached the media and alleged that at least one of the four culprits, an employee of Islamabad Police, because of which neither he has been neither arrested nor any such attempt is being made.

She also alleged that other three members of the gang belong to a ‘qabza mafia’ operating in the area. The mother-in-law of Mst ‘R’ said that her daughter-in-law is a young widow and mother of a one-and-a-half year old son. “We bought a small house for Rs900,000 and paid the full amount. However, after receiving full payment, the owner started demanding more money and the matter went to the court of law and the court decided the case in my favour and directed to transfer the property in my name,” she said.

She said that on 26 November four persons and a Islamabad Police employee, stormed into my house, while my daughter-in-law was alone at home with her son. They were armed and they ripped the clothes of her daughter-in-law and raped her. “After raping her, she was dragged in naked condition and thrown out in the street as they took over possession of the house,” she said in her written statement to the Secretariat Police Station, FIR No: 497/22 under Sections 452/375A CrPC.

The FIR registered on the basis of the written statement stated: “The four persons forcibly raped me. Then they called another 10, 12 persons inside the house, who beat me up and evicted me from my home,” Mst ‘R’ wrote in her application to the Secretariat Police on November 29.” She said that she was too ashamed to tell anybody that she had been raped by two persons and that was why the matter was reported to the police with a delay.

The Secretariat Police, in response sent the victim to the Federal Government Services Hospital (Polyclinic) for her medical check up to ascertain the alleged rape. The victims are awaiting meaningful and tangible action against the perpetrators of the crime, nominated in the FIR. However, the SSP (Operations) Malik Jamil Zafar when contacted by the scribe, said that the matter has been taken up already and all four accused in the case have been detained.

The SSP (Operations) also said that there seems to be some property feud between the parties and reports in the regard have been filed in the past as well. “Action will be taken after receiving the medical and DNA tests reports. Meanwhile, all four persons nominated in the FIR have been detained,” the SSP (Operations) told ‘The News’.