Man arrested for raping his niece

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Dec 18, 2022

LAHORE : Two suspects in Green Town and Gujjarpura have been arrested in two rape cases. The first case was reported in Green Town where a suspect identified as Umar Farooq sexually assaulted his eight years old niece. The victims’ family was away when he finding an opportunity raped her. The other case was reported in Gujjarpura where suspect Fahad Ali, a close relative of a seven year old girl, has been found involved in raping her.

Man arrested for killing mother, sister: Police Saturday arrested a man for allegedly strangling his mother and sister in Raiwind City.

The accused has been identified as Kamran. He was unhappy with his mother Sughra Bibi who wanted to marry off her daughter Mahnoor. But the accused did not like the proposal and killed his mother and sister. Police are investigating.

TWO ARRESTED: Two suspects posing as cops and looting the citizens have been nabbed by two traffic wardens in Ichra. The suspects by setting up a picket were collecting money. Meanwhile, two patrolling officers identified as Agha Adnan and Jamiat checked them and a few questions from them which they could not answer. When the officers asked them for their ID, the suspects could not produce. They with the help of nearby people grabbed them and handed them over to Gulberg police.

CTD detains 12 alleged terrorists: The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) Punjab have arrested 12 alleged terrorists. According to the spokesman, the CTD Punjab conducted 38 intelligence-based operations in different districts of the province and interrogated 42 and detained 12 terrorists and recovered weapons, explosives and other prohibited materials from their possession.

The spokesman said the detained terrorists are identified as M Arif, Zakirullah, Khurram Ali, Owais Khan, Akmal Shahbaz, Jannat Khan. Jalat Khan, Irfan Khan, Javed Khan, Basir Khan, Adam Khan and Zahid Khan. He said the accused belonged to banned religious organisations including, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Daesh, etc.

The spokesman said one IED bomb, explosive material, one electric timer switch, 26.4 feet prima cord, one electric button black, 12 detonators, 11 feet safety fuse, 3 batteries, 2 pistols 30 bore, one 9mm pistol, 3 receipt books of a banned organisation, 19 stickers of another banned organisation, two mobile phones, 48 pamphlets of a banned organisation, one motorcycle and Rs 43,670 looted money.

He said the detained terrorists wanted to target important installations and other religious places across the province.

He said this week some 373 combined operations were conducted with the help of local police and law and enforcement agencies and 17,001 people were checked, 58 suspects were arrested, 54 FIRs were registered and 72 recoveries were made. He said the CTD is diligently pursuing its goal of a safe Punjab.