Solemnised Imran’s nikah with Bushra Bibi twice: Mufti Saeed

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Tuesday, Jan 24, 2023

KARACHI: Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf core committee member Mufti Saeed Khan said that he twice solemnised Imran’s nikah with Bushra Bibi.

He made this disclosure in Geo TV program ‘Jirga’. He revealed that the first nikah was annulled as it was solemnized during ‘iddah’ - the period during which a Muslim woman is not allowed to marry again after a divorce.

He said that when he came to know about it, he had to solemnise the nikah again. He said that the first nikah was solemnized during the ‘iddah’, adding that he was unaware of it and when he came to know about it, “I declared it null and void and solemnized the nikah again as per Islamic teachings.”

It is pertinent to mention that Bushra is Imran’s third wife. Before her, Imran married with Jemima and Reham Khan and divorced both of them. The program ‘Jirga’ will be telecast on Saturday at 10:05 pm.